On Site Solar


ArthaWind Share offers a convenient pay-as-you-go solution for clients interested in transitioning to solar energy. With AWS handling the upfront investment, we enter into a clear contract with our clients outlining the arrangement's terms. By selecting AWS, our clients enjoy a seamless experience as we take full responsibility for setting up the solar plant and ensuring optimal performance.

One major advantage is the significant reduction in electricity costs through our competitive tariffs. Moreover, our fixed tariff solutions serve as a long-term protection against potential power inflation. Notably, choosing renewable energy sources enhances our clients' brand equity, signaling their commitment to being eco-friendly.

To ensure smooth operations and transparency, we provide our clients with a real-time dashboard displaying the solar plant's performance. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, we can identify and address hidden performance issues promptly, leading to improved yields and substantial cost savings for our clients.

openx model

Operations & Maintenance

Solar power plant operations and maintenance refer to the ongoing activities required to ensure the smooth functioning and optimal performance of a solar energy system.

Real Time Monitoring & Analytics

Real-time monitoring and analytics play a vital role in the efficient operation and management of solar power plants. Our in-house developed software provides real-time visibility into the performance of your assets.